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Q: What are the hours of the Ferry Building Marketplace?
A: The Ferry Building Marketplace is open: Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm; Saturday, 9am to 6pm; and Sunday, 11am to 5pm. Please note: Most businesses are open six-to-seven days a week, but hours for individual businesses may vary, so please check the individual merchant listings for specific times, days and phone numbers.

Q: Where do you park when visiting the Ferry Building?
A: Preferred parking locations for the Ferry Building are the Washington & Embarcadero Lot, Pier ½ Lots, as well as 75 Howard Garage (which is available on Saturday and Sunday only). Additional public parking can be found in lots along the Embarcadero and open, metered street parking. For more information, view the parking map.

Q: Where is handicapped parking and access located?
A: Handicapped parking is located in the parking lots that serve the Ferry Building. For easy access, customers may also drop off handicapped passengers directly in front of the building along the two curb-cuts, and then must park the automobile in the approved lots to avoid being towed at the owners' expense. For details, view the parking and transportation page.

Q: Are there bike racks at the Ferry Building?
A: There are three sets of bike racks at both the north and south ends of the building outside on the plaza behind the building near the Ferry Terminal. The Ferry Building accepts no responsibility for bikes left at any of the racks.

Q: Where are the public restrooms?
A: There are two sets of public restrooms in the north and south ferry terminal passthroughs of the building. All are wheelchair accessible.

Q: Does the Ferry Building offer ATMs?
A: Bank of America Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are located inside the Ferry Building in the north and south passthroughs.

Q: Are there areas to store my purchases while I shop?
A: Shoppers are encouraged to bring shopping bags, as there are no lockers or storage areas on-site.

Q: What and where is the Veggie valet?
A: On Saturdays ONLY, The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market offers a service called the "Veggie Valet" for customers who purchase items at the Farmers Market and wish to have them held while they continue shopping. This unique service is offered during operating hours of the Farmers Market Saturday only, and is free of charge. It is located in the front of the building near the center of the outdoor market. Look for the green Veggie Valet sign, or ask for information at the CUESA info. tables.

Q: Is there seating available on-site?
A: There are a limited amount of public benches available located on the Bayside of the building on the promenade. Additional seating is available in the Central Passthrough Waiting Area. Several merchants and all restaurants have seating available in their shops and on outdoor patios for guests to enjoy.

Q: What is the address of the Ferry Building?
A: One Ferry Building, San Francisco, California 94111.
For contact information, please see the Contact page.

Q: What are the Ferry Building’s Web addresses?
A: Marketplace information can be found online at, and leasing information can be found at

Q: What is next at the Ferry Building?
A: Check out the News and Events section for the latest updates.

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Q: What is the Ferry Building?
A: The Ferry Building is a unique, mixed-use office building that serves as a focal point for San Francisco's waterfront. The Ferry Building is located along the Embarcadero, at the foot of Market Street, the city's commercial and transit spine. In addition to serving as a terminal for more than 11,000 daily ferry commuters, the Ferry Building encompasses 175,000 square feet of Class A office space; 65,000 square feet of retail marketplace space; open-air cafes and restaurants; and is home to the popular Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Q: What is open to the public at the Ferry Building?
A: The public is invited to enjoy the Marketplace and historic photo gallery on the ground floor of the building, and can use the Ferry Terminal passageways for boat access, as well as enjoy the public space (with limited seating benches) on the Bayside of the building and the second floor Grand Hall. Access to the third floor is limited to the customers and guests.

Q: Who designed the original structure?
A: The Ferry Building was originally designed by A. Page Brown. The 34-year-old Brown never saw his work completed. Tragically, he was thrown from his horse and died from his injuries in January 1896.

Q: What impact have earthquakes had on the Ferry Building?
A: The Ferry Building has withstood both the 1906 and 1989 (Loma Prieta) earthquakes.

Q: How many passengers pass through the building?
A: Approximately 11,000 ferry commuters pass through the Ferry Building each day.

Q: How do Ferry Passengers access the building?
A: Throughout the day and evening, Golden Gate San Francisco Ferry Terminal boats dock at terminals directly in front of the building’s waterfront plaza. Ferryboat passengers can come and go through the building's public marketplace via three passthroughs.

Q: When did the Ferry Building open?
A: The Ferry Building originally opened in 1898. It has endured many transitions of differing office space uses throughout its building career, but this is the first time a public food market and retail offering has been introduced at the property.

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Q: Who re-developed the Ferry Building?
A: Many entities have attempted to restore the property before, but none came to fruition until a public/private re-development partnership called Ferry Building Investors LLC (FBI) was formed to complete the task. This joint venture is comprised of Equity Office, Wilson Meany Sullivan (WMS), Primus Infrastructure LLC, and Banc of America Historic Capital Assets LLC. Ferry Building Investors, LLC, re-developed the site on behalf of the Port of San Francisco, the building's owner. Equity Office is the principal investor responsible for the Ferry Building's historic rehabilitation, and serves as the property manager for the Ferry Building. Equity Office is an established commercial property owner and manager in San Francisco with a strong commitment to serving the San Francisco business community.

Equity Office owns and operates more than 16 million square feet of premier office property in the San Francisco area, and more than 120 million square feet nationwide. For more company information please visit:

Q: What is the result of the restoration effort?
A: The elegant form and function of the historic Port of San Francisco's 1898 Beaux Arts Ferry Building has been restored. The venerable waterfront icon is a beacon of civic pride, having earned a spot on the National Register's list of Historic Places and distinction as the City of San Francisco's Registered Landmark No. 90. The restoration resulted in the preservation of an architectural icon, and the creation of a new dramatic public space that anchors the San Francisco waterfront.

Q: When did the re-development begin?
A: The monumental re-development process was initiated when the City of San Francisco issued a proposal to redesign a neglected site in 1998.

Q: Was the Ferry Building open before the re-development process began?
A: The Ferry Building was closed to the public for approximately two years so that restoration work could be completed. Prior to that, the building had progressively become a functionally obsolete commercial space.

Q: What was the amount of the investment?
A: $110 million in private investment was made toward restoration of the original grandeur and prominent civic role of the city landmark.

Q: How does Equity Office view its investment in the Ferry Building?
A: Equity Office views the Ferry Building as a "crown jewel" in its portfolio, including an additional 16 million square feet of office space in the greater San Francisco region. The company is focused on long-term involvement with the Ferry Building, and believes in the strength of the San Francisco market long-term. The company is proud to be involved with such an icon for San Francisco. This project represents the company's commitment to the City's unique artisan food community and to fostering the values of that community here at the Ferry Building.

Q: What architecture firms played a role in the restoration process?
A: Through a unique architectural collaboration, led by SMWM, and supported by the skills of retail architects, BCV, and preservation specialists, Page & Turnbull, the team achieved an open exchange of ideas. These three San Francisco-based firms created solutions to meet project preservation mandates, while revitalizing the project to a new use and modernity. For more information, visit the Architects page.

Q: How were the needs of preservation incorporated?
A: With careful preservation efforts to uphold the original beauty instilled with its creation, the restoration team delivered an aesthetic masterpiece. Highly renowned among the nation's top preservationists, the Ferry Building is recognized as one of the most dramatic efforts to restore "an institutional property," while creating an environment that would also become a successful business venture. This careful attention to aesthetics focused on rehabilitating such historic details of the Ferry Building as the Grand Nave, marble cornices, gabled skylights, mosaic floors, exposed historic wrought-iron trusses, a 245-foot-tall clock tower, 11-foot-high arched Bayside windows, and marble and wood finishes throughout.

Q: Describe the careful attention to detail that went into restoring the Ferry Building.
A: Great care went into rehabilitating the project and using original materials. At the beginning of the project, 90 percent of the Grand Nave's second floor mosaic tile was covered by linoleum, or was damaged by alterations. The rehabilitation meticulously restored approximately 16,500 square feet of mosaic and replaced nearly 140,000 individual tiles. It took five workers on their knees more than one year to restore the original tile work by using a technique that applies ground walnut shells to the tiles. Comprised of brick and terracotta, the Grand Nave walls were also painstakingly restored and reconstructed using a variety of methods and materials ranging from traditional brick masonry to pre-cast stone and fiberglass panels.

The re-development team worked extremely hard to retain the original fabric of the property, while creating the best use for the project. When first built, passengers traveled to ferries at the second floor, which allowed them to experience the nave. Today, transportation is still a civic use of the building, but passengers travel to the ferries at the ground floor. We created openings in the floor to allow ferry passengers traversing to their ferries visual access to the traditional transportation hall. Opening the second floor allowed the sky lit windows to shine down natural light onto the ground floor, and visually connects the beauty of the architecture above to the people.

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Q: What are the Farmers Market days and hours?
A: Hours of operation are:
Tuesday, 10am to 2pm (year round)
Thursday, 10am to 2pm (year round)
Saturday, 8am to 2pm (year round)

Q: What can one expect at the Farmers Market?
A: The Saturday Farmers Market is one of the most highly acclaimed farmers markets in the United States. The arcades surrounding the Ferry Building becomes a national showcase for organic produce and artisan foods, expanding to locations on the back plaza on Saturdays. You can enjoy the freshest seasonal produce direct from the grower, as well as fine artisan cheeses, breads, preserves, grass-fed meat and organic coffee. There is also an array of prepared foods for those that want to enjoy stop for refreshment while shopping.

Q: When did the Farmers Market begin operations?
A: Started as a one-time event in 1992, the popularity of the Farmers Market led to the opening of a year-round market in May 1993.

Q: How many people visit the Farmers Market?
A: Currently, approximately 15-25,000 faithful shoppers attend the market weekly.

Q: Who is behind the Farmers Market?
A: The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is a certified farmers market operated by the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA). A CUESA goal is to achieve 100 percent representation by farmers and prepared food vendors whose crops and/or ingredients are grown using sustainable methods. The market currently draws on about 100 farmers and 25 artisan food vendors.

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Q: Can the Ferry Building be rented for special events?
A: Located on the waterfront, The Ferry Building offers a unique site for special events, weddings and corporate receptions. The dramatic clock tower on top of the building has been an icon of San Francisco since the turn of the century and the completion of the building. The second floor event space is open and airy, revealing the architecture of this historic landmark building. The high ceilings, open views to the artisan food vendors below and the tile floor with a striking mosaic of the Great Seal of the State of California, makes it the perfect site for special events.
The Grand Hall will accommodate seated dinners for up to 400 guests or cocktail receptions for 600-800. When booking the Grand Hall, consider the additional rental of the adjoining Port Commission Hearing Room with spectacular views of San Francisco Bay. This room, with occupancy of up to 100 guests, could provide the perfect "quiet space" for your party.
For more information, view the Private Events section or send an Event Inquiry Form.

Q: Does the Ferry Building offer catering services?
A: Paula LeDuc Fine Catering is the Event Manager for the Ferry Building and the exclusive caterer for the site, and also works with all of the Ferry Building merchants to provide a comprehensive offering. If you would like more information, please call Lauri Dorman at (415) 369-9800 or go to
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Q: How is the project's office leasing progressing?
A: The office space at the Ferry Building is fully leased to some of the city's most well-known businesses.

Q: Describe some of the benefits companies that choose to locate at the Ferry Building enjoy.
A: The Ferry Building’s commercial office space presents an unprecedented opportunity for discerning businesses. The 175,000-square-foot Ferry Building Offices combine state-of-the-art facilities with landmark elegance. Views from the Ferry Building are both panoramic and intimate. Unobstructed in all directions, the panoramic view from the building encompasses nearly every San Francisco landmark, from the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena and Treasure Islands, Angel Island, and the East Bay cities and hills, to Coit Tower, Twin Peaks, and San Francisco's historic neighborhoods. Offices on the bayside are immersed in natural light, reflecting off the water through floor-to-ceiling windows. On the city-side, the spacious Ferry Plaza provides the perfect foreground to an impressive view of the city skyline.

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