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Anchoring the Northwest corner of the Ferry Building Marketplace, Gott’s Roadside opened in 2004, a city outpost of the iconic roadside burger stand in St. Helena by the same name (additional locations followed at Oxbow Public Market in Napa and Town & Country Village in Palo Alto). Gott’s is a different kind of burger joint, serving juicy cheeseburgers with thick chocolate shakes, but their versions of these American classics are made-to-order from top-notch, locally sourced ingredients. The menu goes beyond the beef to include a renowned Ahi tuna burger, fresh salads and tacos—try finding those at your average roadside stand. Gott’s commitment to local sourcing extends to the glass—the list of California wines and beers means you can order a cheeseburger with a high-end Napa Valley cabernet, or sip a San Francisco-brewed Anchor Steam alongside your spicy, sweet potato fries. As the giant neon sign over the counter urges, “E-A-T".



Daily: 10am-10pm

Soft Serve & Frozen Yogurt: 11am-7pm


(415) 318 3423

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